The GPSdancer project used to be a project of IAG Working Group 1.1.1 that was active from 2004 to 2010. For more information on the IAG, check out

In all aspects of GPS analysis and geophysical modelling, GPSdancer follows the standards and conventions of two key organisations in this area, namely the International GNSS Service and the International Earth rotation and Reference frame Service.

After the end-of-term of the IAG Working Group 1.1.1, a Global Geodetic Grid Foundation was created for no other purpose than to be the formal owner of the Intellectual Property Rights of the GPSdancer software ( that it could be released under the Apache II license) and its global output products ( that they can be published to the IGS). The GGGF does not have a web presence, in fact it mainly consists of a three-page document with some signatures and stamps on it. It has no budget, no Board of Governance, no physical office or mail address, and very low legal status.

Over the period 2013-2015 an operational service has been prepared that will manage routine execution of GPSdancer processes in the cloud for any interested CORS station that wants to join the analysis. This service is called the Geodetic Cloud Computing Service (GCCS). The start-up of this service is co-funded by the European Space Agency via its Business Incubation Centre in Darmstadt, the Federal State of Hesse in which Darmstadt is located, and some shareholders and sponsors from industry. By the end of 2016, this service should become fully self-sufficient, depending entirely on subscription fees of the participating CORS operators. 

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Project details

Ultimate Browsers SupportThe GPS Dancer project started in 2007 as a voluntary project of a working group of the International Association of Geodesy.

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Square dance algorithm

Great Docs and SupportThe GPS Dancer system was named after its "square dance" exchange algorithm. Of course, it also wants to to make the GPS reference frame denser.


Here, there be pirates

The Dancer on-line network became immune against internet connection problems by leaving the US marines, and becoming a pirate.

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