The Dancer Software

The Dancer software and the JAVA binding of the JXTA peer-to-peer protocol from SUN are freely available from this site.

Some test data is also available for download, to get you started.

Dancer is implemented in JAVA, and has no third-party dependencies other than the JXTA binding. From this page you can learn about different ways to run Dancer. From here you can also download the software, the JAVA JXTA package and even a JAVA run-time engine if you do not have one on your system.  

Different ways to run GPS Dancer

You can run Dancer on your own computer, or anywhere else on the web where your data is visible.

Find out more about running Dancer

Apache license

The GPS Dancer software is now distributed under the Apache II license.

Read more about the licensing policy

JXTA protocols

The GPS Dancer system is a pure peer-to-peer system on the internet built on top of the JXTA protocols.

Read more about JXTA

Download page

From this page you can download the latest Dancer release and anything else you may need to run it.

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Project details

Ultimate Browsers SupportThe GPS Dancer project started in 2007 as a voluntary project of a working group of the International Association of Geodesy.

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Square dance algorithm

Great Docs and SupportThe GPS Dancer system was named after its "square dance" exchange algorithm. Of course, it also wants to to make the GPS reference frame denser.


Here, there be pirates

The Dancer on-line network became immune against internet connection problems by leaving the US marines, and becoming a pirate.

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